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Why I enjoy charcoal grills best.

I enjoy grilling over any other form of cooking. You get a better flavor over conventional cooking. You save more of the vitamins and minerals over conventional cooking. Some say that with conventional cooking you have more control over the flame but I find that with a charcoal grill I have as much control as conventionally. It all comes from preparation, type of food, how many you are cooking for and how much time you want to have to visit with friends and family.

If you want the best flavor go with charcoal

peaches for the grill

If you want the best flavor go with charcoal. Charcoal has that nice smoky flavor that our ancestors from thousands of years ago to today looked forward to everyday. This is still true in some part of the world even today. You can even enhance your meal in the simplest of ways just by adding different flavor wood chips when you are grilling. Some of the different chips are cherry, peach, pecan, oak, mesquite, maple and hickory to name a few.
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Which Charcoal Grill is Best For You?

Which charcoal grill is best? Don’t they all cook the same? Do they have special attachments? Do you have to treat them differently from one another? What most people look for in a charcoal grill is functionality, size and price. Here we will discuss some of those aspects.
While it is true, they all functionally cook the same. There may be some features that will cause differences in cooking. For example, if you are not able to change the heat setting by changing the grill height or the distance of the coal from the cook surface will determine what you cook and how long you will cook. If you wanted to cook burgers it would not matter as much about the height of the coals but if you wanted to smoke a brisket it would matter a great deal. The difference is one requires a hot fast cooking time, where the other requires a long slow cooking time. Some grills have a warming tray while others do not or it has to be special ordered. Others the attachments are special order only, for example, the rotisserie attachment.

What Price Range Are You Looking For?

suitcase of money
money to be used for grilling and earned from competition

Charcoal grills range in price starting at $15.00 for a throwaway grill to thousands of dollars for custom grill. It really depends upon how much you can afford to spend.

How to Choose The Right Charcoal Grill

What size grill? How much cooking space? Do you need any special attachments? Ease of cleanup? I like the Char-Grill 2137. One thing that I like about the 2137 is the amount of space available for grilling or smoking. You have a total grill space of 1063 sq in. That makes it possible to cook for friends and family at the same time for your backyard gathering. There is a bottom shelf for holding some of the tools that you will need to make your grilling There are hooks to hang your utensils on. The barrel is made from heavy-duty steel with a double bottom to help prevent rusting making for years of enjoyment. The cast iron grates spread the heat evenly thereby making it easy to lock the flavor in and add to the deliciousness factor. The flanged top gives you an airtight seal to help lock in the smoke flavor of your choice. It also has two wheels for ease of repositioning. The grill cover is sold separately.
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Some reviews from Amazon

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome Grill, just ignore how they ship it to you.
ByDeadmanon July 8, 2015
Size: 50″ H x 29″ W x 35″ L|Style: Grill|Verified Purchase
had shopped for a grill for a while so suffice to say that I really
wanted this one. It is small enough to fit on an apartment balcony but
not so small that you only have grill space for one burger and two hot
dogs. There is plenty of space to cook a steak, several burgers, a few
kabobs, and two corn cobs all at once. It is made of good quality, heavy
gauge steel and the overall design is sound and sturdy. A top notch
grill for the balcony cook out. The construction was fairly easy but the
instructions were very vague so some building know-how & prior
planning will be essential.
The only downside to the order was that
it arrived in less than pristine condition. It had been shipped in its
original box – without any extra packing – from the manufacturer. I’m
sure it wasn’t Amazon’s or UPS’ fault, but the package was quite beat up
and looked like it had been opened and resealed. Some of that damage
was translated to the grill within. The grill body has some minor dents
that I was able to remedy with a pair of pliers and some muscle. The
wood shelves also has some gouges on their surfaces. All of this
relatively trivial and didn’t make the grill any less capable of cooking
quality meals.
Overall, this is a high quality grill well worth the money. I expect to be using this for many years to come.

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 starsWorks great, durable and affordable!
ByiamanITon December 1, 2015
Size: 50″ H x 29″ W x 42″ L|Style: Grill|Verified Purchase
wife bought this for me for father’s day of 2015, and i love it. I
wanted something basic but durable. Not too expensive, but not something
that would fall apart after a few months. This grill fits that bill
well. The barrel is a sturdy black metal and the handle and shelf are a
high quality wood. The Legs and racks are made of a nice metal also.
The grilling surface is cast iron, which helps with durability as well
as cooking quality. The grilling surface is made of four pieces which
allows for easy access to the coals or wood underneath during cooking.
The warming rack is a shiny metal similar to a microwave rack, and does
its job fine.

The assembly process was a bit cumbersome as there
are multiple pieces and parts to put together, but with a little help it
went pretty smoothly. The bottom shelf did give me some trouble
aligning it with the legs and getting it all connected at the same time.
If the holes or connection was a bit bigger, or perhaps a different
shape, it might have gone easier.

Usage is overall pretty good.
getting a fire started is rather simple with its raised grate for the
charcoal, and the removable tray to dump the old ashes. the bottom tray
is deep enough that getting flames going is easy even in a windy
situation. The raised grate keep air flowing around the coals very well
and allows them to burn nice and hot and long to cook food very well.

do have a hard time controlling the temperature, but i think that may
be my inexperience rather than the grill. the grill has ways to control
airflow, one at the bottom and then the flapper on the smoke stack.
Between the two of these you can raise or lower the temperature to your
desired temp. This grill cooks my food better than any other grill i’ve
ever had. Usually i’d end up with burnt food or food that cooks so
slowly i end up taking it inside to the microwave, but with this grill ,
i can get it cooked right outside, which is always the best.

Customer Review

1.0 out of 5 starsTerrible quality. Chips and tears everywhere
ByAmazon Customeron April 23, 2017
Size: 49″ L x 50″ H x 29″ W|Style: Grill|Verified Purchase
Terrible quality. Chips and tears everywhere. After first use, part of the paint started to come out. Don’t buy this crap.

Customer Review

1.0 out of 5 starsOne Star
ByLahuskyladyon October 18, 2016
Size: 50″ H x 29″ W x 35″ L|Style: Grill|Verified Purchase
product would be great if the welds in the bottom didn’t look like they
would fall apart after one use. We have a previous version of this
grill that is 12 years old and the welds are in better condition. I will
be looking for another one

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2 thoughts on “The Original Way To Cook”

  1. Hi Jerry

    Oh now you have touched a tender spot… charcoal grilling! Nothing beats that tantalizing aroma of a freshly lit BBQ fire wafting in through the kitchen window, carrying with it the promises of what is about to come…

    And sitting around the BBQ, chatting, is all part of the “ritual” of a good BBQ, isn’t it?
    The smoke always goes toward the most beautiful person, right? 😉 LOL! I share your love of grlling, Jerry – but only from the eating side of it!

    Thank you for sharing why you like the Char-Grill 2137 – the flanged top and airtight seal is exactly what Hubby was looking for. Knowing that it is big enough to use for entertaining is what I am after.

    Wishing you many mouthwatering BBQs!

    • I also found that you can get away from a chemical starter by taking newspaper and rolling it up tightly and putting the charcoal on top of it you can start the newspaper and get the charcoal started almost as easily.


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