How to Have a Thrilling Competition

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Where does the idea for the competition come from? Generally, the idea for the event or competition comes from a need in the community or company where they are going to have a need for additional funds or equipment. The organizers look for different ways to overcome that obstacle and decide on an idea that fits their requirements.


The concept for having a fundraiser is centuries old. Fundraisers seem to be more prevalent in the United States than in any other country. Fundraising has been raised to an art form in some parts of the United States especially in the large urban areas for special projects. In the smaller communities fundraisers are sometimes the only way to raise money due to government regulations on how much money the smaller community may receive from the State or Federal government. The community is left with a shortfall in revenue since the community has taxed the citizens to the legal extent of the law.
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The purpose of the fundraiser that I am involved in is to raise money for our local Fire Department that falls into the category of budget allocations. While it is fully funded, the Fire Department does not have the funds to buy some of the more expensive equipment that it needs. We are having the First Annual Brisket Cookoff in our community. I am helping to organize this fundraiser to help my community. I feel that all citizens in our community to help in whatever capacity they can. It is going to be a grand event with motorcycles, a band, the blood mobile for donating blood and several other events.

Set up a Committee

After you have determined the purpose of your fundraiser, it is best to set up a committee to determine the size and scope of the responsibilities for the committee. You will need to determine how many sponsors you will need, what if any prizes will be awarded, the judges, where the event is to take place, if it is will be a team competition or individual, time of the event, age restrictions if applicable, and whether or not alcohol will be allowed. You will need to determine what type of security will be needed. It is always advisable to have a venue that will be large enough to handle the number of people who attend the event.

Make an Action Plan

After you have finished with your committee, make a plan of action and assign people to various tasks. Assign one to finding a location, another to securing any necessary drinks. Have another locating sponsors. You will need someone to check on liability for the event. Someone will need to secure any dry goods such as paper plates, cutlery, cups or any other dry goods that are needed. You may need lighting or electricity for one reason or another.
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Make Contigency Plan

You always need to set up a contingency plan in the event that your event was planned outside and the weather does not cooperate with you. You will either need to postpone the event or to have it indoors. If you, decide to have the event inside then you will need a facility that is large enough to handle the number of people attending. If the alternate venue is not large enough then it would probably be to postpone until a later date.

Execute Action Plan

You need to begin executing your plan as soon as the committee adjourns. This may be starting a phone solicitation program, posting on Facebook, Google+, and any other social media. You may want to reach out to friends, family or coworkers. You need to contact the place where the event is to happen at. You will want to contact any vendors that are to be involved. Ask for volunteers, network with other organizations that have experience with this type of event. When looking for and prospecting for sponsors: 1. Make a list of sponsors

2. Make a list of callbacks

3. List donations by name

4. List prizes donated

5. List pledges not yet collected

6. List paid teams

7. List unpaid teams

8. List volunteer organizations

9. List and account for all monies spent

10. List all media covering the event.


Here we are the day of the event. Two to three hours before the event begins arrive at the site of the and start to go over the lineup. This will include but not limited to putting the teams in their appropriate locations. Make sure that electricity is at all appropriate locations. If security is needed then you will need to check with the head of security. Be sure to talk to prize officials and verify that prizes are accounted for. If there is going to be a first aid station make sure that it is properly displayed and staffed. Have all judges present for the prize giveaway. When deadline time has arrived enforce the time policy that was clearly stated unless otherwise directed. Have security patrol the event to control or remove any and all persons that do not follow, city, county or state laws for this type of venue.

After Event

After the event is over, have all vendors police the area and clean up the event site. Inform the security chief that all has been cleaned and that the event area is secure. If any of the other event officials are still around get feedback from them as to how they viewed the event. Whether they thought it was a success of failure. If they thought it to be a failure ask them what could have been done differently to have made it better or an outright success. You always want feedback from the host of the event otherwise you will never know what areas to improve.

Conclusion of Event

The conclusion of the event occurs when everyone has gone, the venue has been secured, and you are out the gate to travel to your home or other destination. It is time to be especially safe for it has been a long day or night and all of the excitement that you had experienced has gone and you are exhausted. BE AWARE BE SAFE LIVE FOR THE NEXT DAY.
Afterthought: This post is to show you that you can have an event to benefit others. I may have left out some of the steps but what I have posted is the method that I use. JAM

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