How to Grill Vegetables

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savory vegetable kabobs on the grill

Selection of Vegetables

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children dancing at a party while food is grilling

The best vegetables come from your garden is you know how the vegetables were raised and if any fertilizer was used and what type of fertilizer. This is so important because of the implications of what over fertilization can do to your health. Another good place to buy vegetables is from the Farmer’s Market. The Market is a good source of high quality vegetables that come from trusted sources. Most farmers will tell you what type of fertilizers were used and what type of soil and amendments.
You will want to keep your selection of vegetables simple when you first start grilling vegetables. One of the reasons to keep your selection simple in the beginning is to learn how to grill them to bring out the fullness of flavor of the vegetables. Stay with the vegetables that you know.

Children love Grilled Food

If you have children that will be present. I have found that if you make it fun for them during the preparation and the grilling process they will be more likely to eat them. Some vegetables I have found that kids like grilled are carrots, eggplant, corn on the cob and zucchini. Some kids like grilled green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. It all depends upon what you can get them to try. It goes back to involving them in the prep process and doing it in a positive way to peak their interest. Most kids are naturally curious.

grilled corn on the cob

How to Grill Vegetables

When you prep your vegetables, you need to be sure to clean them thoroughly and properly. The reason I say this is you do not want to use warm or hot water on mushrooms since this will cause them to discolor. You will want to use cold water to clean your vegetables with. NEVER use even a mild detergent on your vegetables since you will not be able to get all of the residue off.
Some vegetables are tricky to cook since they are so full of water. One example is portabella mushrooms and another example is zucchini. These two vegetables while both having an abundance of water in them are grilled totally in different ways.

Portabella mushrooms are not as dense as zucchini and do not have to be cooked as long and will not take very many spices. I generally just cook the caps finishing with the cap side down to make sure I don’t get water mixed in with the other items I grill. No one likes soggy food.
Zucchini on the other hand can take many more spices. and rubs and depending upon the cut may take longer to cook. Some people will quarter the zucchini and others will slice it. Personally I just use a little olive oil and cook over medium high heat.

spices used mostly for savory grilling


I always try to use fresh herbs and either olive oil or canola oil on my vegetables. I never use one that will overpower the flavor of the vegetable that I am grilling. You always want to use a herb or spice that complements the vegetable of choice. For example, you would not want to use fennel with zucchini but you would want to use cumin with jalapenos. The main thing is to have a working knowledge of which spices and herbs work well with the vegetables you are grilling. It is in my opinion a good thing to experiment to see if there is a combination that works better for you than what you currently have experienced.


The main thing about grilling vegetables is to stay with them since they will cook quickly. The have a great deal of water in them so cook them thoroughly and not over cook them. You will want to have some char on them but not much. Once you get the hang of it you will not want to have them any other way. They are absolutely delicious and are good for you.

4 thoughts on “How to Grill Vegetables”

  1. What a great article to read about how to grill vegetables, it just took me to just to cook a bunch of vegetables to enjoy them.
    The secret to have a good dish is to know how to make it and you have explained very well some important point to have in mind when grilling vegetables.
    I must agree with you when you say the best way to have vegetables is when you grow them, since I moved to Canada and my husband grows a garden a simple carrot takes delicious, and all the vegetates that we grow in our garden are so healthy to have.

    • I have found that homegrown vegetables are the most nutritious and flavorful. Grilling fresh vegetables is so easy and so good for you once you learn the basics that my wife and I try to keep a garden going year round. Thanks for the read.


  2. Good afternoon Jerry,

    That is a mouthwatering story I must say. I live in the south of Spain and it is in the middle of the summer, nice and hot. On the patio, the grill is standing and we will use it at least once a week.
    You are right in saying to be careful where you buy your vegetables, one does not want to grill pesticides etc. Having a vegetable garden on the property we are experimenting with different types of vegetables.
    When having Jack potatoes I cook them before till half ready and then they go on the grill, delicious.
    Wishing you a happy grill season.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Thanks for the read. I find grilling to be a very fulfilling experience and always want to find different ways and techniques to grill. One thing I have found that is very tasty is to get my grill to 275 degrees Fahrenheit and put 2 potatoes on the cool side of the grill for about 2 hours or until done. Take them off and then put my favorite toppings on. This is the process that I use: 2 medium to  large potatoes, wash thoroughly, cover with oil, wrap in foil. put on grill for 2 hours or until done. Very tasty. I do appreciate your comments very much.


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