Great Grilled Vegetables and Fruits

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Variety of Vegetables

The number of vegetables are almost as diverse as the number of cultures we have around the world. It is the way that we prepare the foods and the manner in which they are served. For example, in the United States a potato may be fried whereas in Ireland a potato may be boiled. Asparagus, which was previously placed in the lily family, is native to northwestern Europe and the Near East countries such as Syria and Egypt. Tomatoes on the other hand originated is Mexico. The number and variety of vegetables are widely used around the world since we now have a means to get them to market within a day or so while they are still fresh and full of flavor. While some vegetables are still within one small section of the globe due to restrictions by different governments to manage different diseases and a plant overtaking a native plant to keep it from being eradicated, those native vegetables are still quite tasty.
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Benefits of Vegetables

What are some of the benefits of grilling vegetables? Where to start? Our forebears found out about grilling, roasting, boiling and baking vegetables in the Stone Age, over the course of the years we have improved the technology a great deal. One thing, I suppose you could say we have retained from them, is our desire to cook outdoors with an open flame. We learned early that grilled vegetables retained and were enhanced by the flame. That rich smoky flavor could not be duplicated anywhere else. One of the best reasons to grill vegetables is to lock in the vitamins and minerals found in most vegetables. Depending upon the vegetable, you may have one that is high in iron and another high in Vitamin C or another high in folate. When combined with certain oils and spices it takes your vegetables from ordinary to extraordinary.

How to Grill Vegetables

The best way to grill vegetables is over medium heat, but it really depends upon which vegetable it is. For example, you would not grill a root vegetable the same length of time as you would a leafy vegetable. A root vegetable, like potatoes is much denser than a tomato and therefore requires a longer time to cook.

When grilling your vegetables, you need to decide at what point you need to have them ready so that your meal is not delayed. You need to decide whether or not you are going to use an oil, a marinade, spices or leave them plain. Generally speaking, what you need to do is thoroughly wash your vegetables, put your seasoning on your vegetables, place it upon the grill for the required amount of time, them remove it before the flavor is ruined by overcooking.

Why Vegetables are Important When Grilling

Grilled vegetables are important when cooking for a number of reasons. They help you to maintain a healthy diet. It allows you to plan your meal with regard to the need of others for example a diabetic. Vegetables when grilled most often give you more of the fiber, vitamins and minerals than any other way of cooking. You are able to retain a larger percentage of the vitamins and minerals which in turn will help you to build a healthy lifestyle.
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Variety of Fruits

The number fruits from around the world are astonishing. It seems that the majority of our fruits are grown in the temperate zones. This is due to the climate being more flavorful for fruits to flourish than anywhere else on the planet. To my surprise, I found that there is no exact answer to that question. Apples alone have over 75,000 varieties, bananas have over 4,000 cousins. To be sure though, there are thousands upon thousands of fruits. It may be difficult at times to find the right fruit to grill with your favorite dish but with a little thought and planning it is possible to find that one fruit. So when you go to grill your next meal, plan ahead and think of the fruit that you want to grill. It may be one that you want to showcase in your meal or it may be one that you want to wow everyone with as a special dessert.

Benefits of Fruits

Fruits are beneficial to you in a variety of ways. Some fruits are known to help reduce cancer and skin diseases. Fruits are full of Vitamin A, C, potassium and antioxidants. There has not been reported case of fruit having cholesterol
but fruits are full of dietary fiber vitamin B1 and folate acid to name but a few.

How to Grill Fruits

heavenly goodnessIt really depends upon the fruit. Say for example that you had several types of fruit some very dense and some were not but you wanted them all together at one time to serve for a meal or a snack. You take the more delicate and grill them first, probably in a basket, pan or foil. You would take the denser fruits and either place them directly on the grill or place them on a skewer. One of my favorite things to grill are berries, I place them in a cast iron pot with about a teaspoon of sugar and cook them for about 7 minutes at 275 (or until runny) and pour into a pastry cup. This is one of my favorite desserts and takes very little time. You can place some of the denser fruits on a skewer and grill them until there is a light char on the fruit and them turn them over for cooking on the other side. You nee to be careful not to overcook your skewers or they will taste scorched. I also like to take peaches or plums cut them in half from top to bottom, remove the pit, and place them cut side down on the grill for about 5 minutes. Check with your tongs to make sure they are not squishy. They still need to be semi-firm when you take them off the grill and top with ice cream, whipped topping or with peaches cinnamon.

Why Fruits are Important When Grilling

One important thing to note when grilling fruits is the flavor is more intense than when cooking either on the stovetop or in the oven. One of the reasons is the heat from the grill locks or seals the flavor in making the experience more intense. The flavor bursts in your mouth is a rich delicious surprise. You can combine different fruits together and get a very different more intense taste than you can with traditional cooking. Traditional cooking, while it is very good, does not have the same range when it comes to flavor(in my opinion). One of the most important things about grilling fruit is there is little loss of the vitamins and minerals that are naturally present. This is beneficial to you in that it helps you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

How Fruits and Vegetables Work Together to Make for a Healthier You

tasty fruit that can be grilled

I once wondered why my parents were so firm when it came to eating my vegetables and never truly came to understand until I tried some that had been grilled. They never told me how wonderful they were. After a person becomes accustomed to eating grilled vegetables and fruits, they prefer that method over any other. This is partially due to the more natural flavor and the richness of the foods. It is not apparent until several months later that you are healthier and have more vitality than you had in the past. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals that it should and the other reason is that the food just simply tastes better. One word of caution though, since the fruits and vegetables taste so much better you will have to monitor your portion sizes more closely. There are thousands of fruits and vegetables from around the world that are so delicious that you may have to go to your local and try a new one to see if you have found a new family favorite.
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3 thoughts on “Great Grilled Vegetables and Fruits”

  1. I am sorry that I have not responded before now. The internet in my area has been down for days. Grilling vegetables and fruits lock in the nutrients that are found in vegetables and fruits. One of my favorites is grilled peaches. Cut the peaches in half from top to bottom, remove the pit, place on the grill cut side down, grill(275-300F) for 5 – 6 minutes, remove from grill and sprinkle with cinnamon. It tastes almost like a peach pie. Thanks for the read. Stay tuned more to come. Jerry

  2. Hi Jerry

    I’m planning a small BBQ with friends and had a read through a few of your posts, but this one really stunned me. Although we often do roasted cob and add dried fruit to the kebabs, I never heard or thought of doing fresh fruits on the BBQ! You truly are a master griller, Jerry!

    Thank you for the tips about your preferences and how to do it – those peaches and ice cream sounds absolutely delicious – we will definitely give that a try.

    Thanks Jerry!

    • I have found that grilling a variety of fruits and vegetables not only broadens your selection of taste but often times you find new favorites.


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